Ed Covillot (XX Century, English)

Ed Covillottitle unknown

6 responses to “Ed Covillot (XX Century, English)

  1. Danielle Manini

    I own an Ed Covillot painting of a dancer,bought it in switzerland.Would love to know more about it.

    Love your site

    • Hello
      I am finding only now your message.
      I should be very interesting to have some informations about this painter because I own also painting signed Ed Covillot.
      Please contact me to speak about him.

  2. Anthony Treby

    We are very interested in this conversation as we own 2 paintings by Covillot which were given by the artist to our family prewar. We have some history and would like to hear more.

    • Bonjour Anthony
      Je réponds tardivement. Edouard Covillot était également mon grand-père. Mon père (Raoûl Covillot) était son fils. Pourrions-nous discuter ?

  3. Yvonne Miller

    Hello Anthony,
    Ed Covillot was my grandfather, although I never met him. I would like to know more about his connection with your family, if possible?

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