Maria Szantho (1898 – 1984, Hungarian)

The Artist's ModelThe Artist’s Model

Halfnaakt met tambourijn.bmpYoung Girl With Tambourine

Reclining Nude.bmpReclining Nude

Tambourine GirlTambourine Girl

Nude With Green Ring

Sleeping LedaSleeping Leda

Partial Nude Gypsy Woman.bmpPartial Nude Gypsy Woman

Roman Woman


A Reclining Female Nude With A MirrorA Reclining Female Nude With A Mirror

small_Reclining Nude 2Reclining Nude

Nude BeautyNude Beauty

HS62op800pReclining Nude

Muziekspel van twee naakte vrouwen op bed.bmpTwo Naked Women Playing On The Bed

Femme nue au miroirFemale Nude With Mirror

Maria Szantho - Fay


4 responses to “Maria Szantho (1898 – 1984, Hungarian)

  1. Mss. Moraima Lindo

    I don’t speak english to much. We have a painting signed by Szánthó María, It´s been in my family for more than 45 years. It’s a beautiful painting of a gypsy woman (not too young) with a tambourine on her skirt, the expression of her eyes and her hands are too much beautiful, I’d like to know where I can find a list of María Szantho paintings

  2. I have a signed Maria Szantho painting of a gypsy woman who is fully clothed. How do i know it is for real. I inherited it from my grand mother. She had it from at least some time in the early 1950’s.

  3. Виктор (rus)

    Были художницы на просторах Венгерских!!!

  4. One of my favorite artists!!!

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