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Michael Parkes (1944, American)


mmp08title unknown

Night FlightNight Flight

Going NowhereGoing Nowhere

mmp13title unknown

Adolphe Alexandre Lesrel (1839 – 1921, French)

Bacchante enivréeBacchante enivrée

A. Lesrel - Pan And VenusPan And Venus

Janos Czencz (1885 – 1960, Hungarian)



Papagalyos aktPapagalyos akt

Csipkes aktCsipkes akt

Furdes a dunanFurdés a Dunan

Guggolo aktGuggolo akt

Cimer-foki nokCimer-foki nok

Fekvo aktFekvo akt

Voroshaju ulò aktVoroshaju ulò akt

Furdés utan 2Furdés utan

Furdés utanFurdés utan

Olvaso lanyOlvaso lany

GF142title unknown

Penrhyn Stanlaws (1877 – 1957, American)

Between PosesBetween Poses (Olive Thomas)

In The Studio

Kenyon Cox (1856 – 1919, American)

An EclogueAn Eclogue


The HarvestThe Harvest

Approach Of Love

Fall And Expulsion

title unknownIndian Summer


The Silver Hand GlassThe Silver Hand Glass

A BlondeA Blonde

Reclining Nude On The BeachReclining Nude On The Beach

Study for EveningStudy for Evening


The Blessed Damozel 3The Blessed Damozel

Columbia And CubaColumbia And Cuba

StudyRomance – Nude Study

Study for Ceiling DecorationStudy for Ceiling Decoration

Reclining Female Nude Study for 'Painting'Reclining Female Nude Study for ‘Painting’

Jan Weigel (1815 – 1891, Czech)

title unknowntitle unknown

Alfonse Eugene Felix LeCadre (1842 – 1875, French)

Le ReveilLe reveil