Pal Fried (1893 – 1976, Hungarian-born American)

Erotic NudeErotic Nude


Resting Nude


unknowntitle unknown


Murati Lili NudeMurati Lili Nude

unknowntitle unknown


Nu allongéNu allongé

Black Haired NudeBlack Haired Nude

A Female Nude


Bouncy Bed

Female Half-Nude

An Exotic Beauty

Harem Girl

Mother And Child


Female Nude


Mother And Child


Seated Nude And Flowers


Nude Portrait



Young Girl In Stockings

2 responses to “Pal Fried (1893 – 1976, Hungarian-born American)

  1. Paula Skowronski - Reno, Nevada, USA

    Hello, I just discovered your great site while attempting to find anything about a painting given to my husband by a dear friend about 18 years ago. The painting is of a nude women and it is signed Fried Pai or Pal, not sure. She is an oil on canvas and on the back the name “Tina” is written. It looks identical to the “Tina” I saw on your website……I was very surprised to learn, upon future searches, about this artist. But, could you tell me how I would know if my husband’s painting was done by this artist??? We live in Reno, Nevada and “Tina” has a long and storied past associated with one of our premiere restaurants of years past. If you are interested, I would be glad to share the story with you since I first saw her hanging in that restaurant when I was 21 and had my first legal drink!!! Thank you ever so much for this great web site and any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated by me and my husband as well….

    • Franklin Silverstone

      Paula – Pal Fried was a Hungarian painter know for his over stated nudes – he seems to have been particularly popular in Canada. The Hungarians like others always signed their names back to front.. Not the greatest quality however.

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