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Benedetto Fellin (1956, Italian)

Monkey Dance

Lama And Shakti

Muse And The Model


Miss Euro

The Knowledge

In The Fifties

El Sacrificio

Concealed Muse II

Concealed Muse III

Mona’s Key

Karl Bang (1935, Chinese-born American)

Femme Fatale


title unknown

James Tissot (1836 – 1902, French)

Japanese Woman After The Bath

Jirayr Zorthian (1911 – 2004, Turkish-born American)

The Awakening


The Blue Veil


Reclining Nude

Karl Pavlovich Briullov (1799 – 1852, Russian)


In The Harem

Morning In Italy

The Last Day Of Pompeii (detail)

Mother Awoken By Her Crying Child

Giulio Rosati (1858 – 1917, Italian)

Picking The Favorite (detail)

The New Arrival

Inspection Of The New Arrivals

The Harem Dance

Picking The Favorite

Nikolai Vasilievich Kharitonov (1880 – 1944, Russian-born American)


Peter Cornelius (1783 – 1867, German)

Hagen versenkt den Nibelungenhort

Manoel Lopes Rodrigues (1860 – 1917, Brazilian)

Nu feminino sentado

Louis Maeterlinck (1846 – 1926, Belgian)

Allegory Of Peace