Lev Chitovsky (1902 – 1969, Russian)

La siesteLa sieste

Lezhaschaya_obnazhennaya_bumagatitle unknown


maskedtitle unknown

Femme alanguie au bracelet vertFemme alanguie au bracelet vert

Femme masquéeFemme masquée

Nu allongéNu allongé

44376517title unknown

Jeune femme alanguieJeune femme alanguie

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

Nude With CandleNude With Candle





Reclining Nude With Flowers











2 responses to “Lev Chitovsky (1902 – 1969, Russian)

  1. Kunmyung Kim


  2. Kunmyung Kim

    Really beautiful touchs

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