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Eduard Panov (1948, Russian)

title unknown

Louis Frederic Schuetzenberger (1825 – 1903, French)

Rape Of Europa

Erwin Hubert (1883 – 1963, Austrian)

Nude With A Mirror

Female Nude

Standing Nude

Marten Eskil Winge (1825 – 1896, Swedish)

Kraka, Daughter of Sigurd

Josef Bino (1881 – 1947, Czech)

Oriental Nude

Luigi Amato (1898 – 1961, Italian)

Reclining Nude

Giovane modella
(Young Model)

Una bellezza esotica
(An Exotic Beauty)

Nudo con velo verde
(Nude With Green Veil)

Nudo sul prato
(Nude On The Lawn)

Nudo a testa bassa
(Nude Head Down)

Vanità allo specchio
(Vanity Mirror)

 Girl Reading

Portrait Of A Young Woman

Luigi Amato - Nudo con effetto luce.bmpNudo con effetto luce

Luigi Amato - Spensieratezza - Anna, ragazza capreseSpensieratezza (Carefree)

Luigi Amato - La letturaLa lettura (Reading)

Giovane caprese - Opera di Luigi AmatoGiovane caprese
(Young Girl From Capri)

L'incanto - opera di Luigi AmatoL’incanto (The Charm)

Il tulle - opera di Luigio AmatoIl tulle

Sergey Panin (Russian)

Punishment Of A Clumsy Maid

The Sleeping Woman

After Appointment

Paradise Garden

Bernd Funke (1902 – 1988, German)

La Toilette

John Singer Sargent (1856 – 1925, American)

Egyptian Girl

Carl Larsson (1853 – 1919, Swedish)

Leontine Sitting In The Atelier

Model Writing Postcards