Pompeo Batoni (1708 – 1787, Italian)

Penitent Magdalene

The Marriage Of Cupid And Psyche

Thetis Takes Achilles From The Centaur Chiron

Venus And Cupid

Venus Presenting Aeneas With Armour Forged By Vulcan

Allegory Of Peace And War

Time Unveiling Truth

Allegory Of Painting

Hercules At The Crossroads

Hercules At The Crossroads

6 responses to “Pompeo Batoni (1708 – 1787, Italian)

  1. charyn atkin

    Wondering where you sourced the image for Pompeo Batoni’s Penitent Magdalene. I own a copy which is identical to this particular version of the work. Appreciate your help in tracking it down.

  2. I too have a copy of this picture, painted on copper 41.8 cm x 29 cm.
    How can I find out if it is areal copy by Pompeo Batoni?

    • Mine is on canvas. Never heard form anyone re it’s provenance or value. Sorry.

      Charyn R.S. Atkin The Q Design Group LLC 9 Parsons Lane Redding, CT 06896

      Please make note of new address above.

      TEL 203-222-7040 FAX 203-504-7979

      EMail qdgrp@aol.com

  3. the original was destroyed in WWII and the gallery had many items stolen~I own a small framed picture of the above~it is from the gallery before WWII , I am also looking for information?

  4. I also have a full size very old lithograph. Wanting to know any information on it.

    • Mine is an oil painting and a very good copy to the original. I have found no info or value for this. Tried the big houses and no response. Wish I could help you.

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