Wilhelm Kray (1828 – 1889, German)

Psyche With Butterfly



Venus Aphrodite

Romantic Idyll


On The Beach




Lorelei And Igorne

The Venetian Swimming School

Psyche And Zypher

The Nymph Of The Roses

Nymphs Midsummer Eve’s Bath

The Water-Nixes’ Victim

An Idyll Of The Sea

2 responses to “Wilhelm Kray (1828 – 1889, German)

  1. Paintings are of high standard. But some are in B/W. Is it the same as original/
    Well nice paintings

    • CantervilleGhost

      The original paintings are not in B/W but they are the only reproductions I have (taken from an old book and printed in B/W).

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