Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805 – 1873, German)



4 responses to “Franz Xaver Winterhalter (1805 – 1873, German)


  2. I am reminded that this is a girls day out painting of Empress Eugenie and the court ladies perhaps painted for the emperor’s private rooms.

    • CantervilleGhost

      Officially this painting (1853) depicts an episode from the legend of Roderick, the last king of the Spanish Visigoths. After spying on his maids of honor to determine the fairest among them, the king chose Florinda (at center left), who became the object of his love. In revenge, Florinda’s father called the Arabs into Spain and brought about the conquest. Anyway, two years later, Winterhalter used a similar composition (with dressed women) for “Empress Eugénie Surrounded by Her Ladies-in-Waiting”, his most famous painting…So, who knows…your hypothesis is certainly more intriguing than the official version.

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