Henry Hetherington Emmerson (1831 – 1895, English)

Nude Woman With A Peacock


11 responses to “Henry Hetherington Emmerson (1831 – 1895, English)

  1. Sheryl Nairn

    Please can you tell me whether this painting is definitely by Henry Hetherington Emmerson, and whether it is owned by a gallery or in a private collection? H.H. Emmerson was my Great Great Great Grandfather.

    • CantervilleGhost

      I have some doubt about it. I saw this painting frequently posted on several Tumblr blogs and it is always attributed to Henry H. Emmerson but personally I do not have the utmost certainty that “Nude Woman With A Peacock” is one of his paintings. I hope someone can clarify, sooner or later.


      • Sheryl Nairn

        Hello Marco,
        Thank you for your reply. I have seen many of Emmerson’s paintings,
        but this one is new to me. I certainly don’t know all of his work, so there is always a chance this painting could be his. If I had any reason for doubt, it would be that his female models were usually his five daughters, and I have never seen a painting of them, shall we say, so revealing (too chilly in the North East)!
        I would love to know for sure, so if anyone has more information I think we would both be interested in a definitive answer.


    • Peter Eisenberg

      I own an Emmerson painting that my parents bought in New York City about 50 years ago. It is signed H. H. Emmerson 186? (not sure about the last digit) I put some pictures (not great shots) on Photobucket:
      It seems different than many of his paintings I’ve seen on websites. Do you know if there is a catalog of his works?
      Do you know anything about this painting?
      Peter Eisenberg

      • Sheryl Nairn

        Hello Peter,
        Thank you for posting this and sorry for the delay in replying. I would very much like to talk about your H.H. Emmerson painting, but it would be easier if I could email you directly.
        I have a photocopy of an exhibition catalogue and other information which may include your painting and which I could scan and email to you. I’m sure I have seen references to it in my research – an artist (looks like Emmerson sitting in the chair) in debt and bailiffs (?) examining paintings in his studio. The children looking through the doorway I know are his daughters. From what I can see from your photos, It looks a lovely painting. Oil paintings are not easy to photograph as the flash causes white flares, but without a flash they can be too dark to get a good result. The major auction houses must have a secret way as they always look so perfect in catalogues!
        I look forward to hearing from you.
        Kind regards,

      • Peter Eisenberg

        Hi Sheryl,
        I would very much like to learn more about the painting. It would be very interesting to see the catalogue–what year was it from?
        You can reach me at eisenbergpm@yahoo.com

    • Peter Dawson

      Hello Sheryl
      I too am interested in the life & works of H H Emmerson, as he was also my Great Great Grandfather from his daughter Kate . I can be contacted at peterdawson17@gmail.com should you wish.

  2. Jan Aksel Angeltvedt

    Hello, all.
    I just stumbled across this topic/site.
    I have a painting after my grandparents, signed H.H. Emerson. Is it possible to upload a photograph to this site, in order to get some feedback as to origin, authenticity and value? The painting is for sale.
    I reside in Bergen, Norway, and can be reached at:

    Best regards,
    Jan Aksel Angeltvedt

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