Abraham Janssens (1573 – 1632, Belgian)

Allegory Of The Four Elements

Venus and Adonis

Inconstancy: Allegory Of Fickleness

The Four Seasons: Spring

Diana And Sleeping Nymphs Visited By Satyrs

Hercules Kicking Pan Out Of Omphale's Bed

Nymph And Pan Among The Reeds

St. Mary Magdalene

Sine Cerere et Baccho friget Venus (Venus Is Cold Without Ceres And Bacchus)

Cephalus And Procris

Cephalus Grieving Over The Dying Procris


Judgement Of Midas

Venus And Adonis

Mythological Scene

Toilet Of Venus

Diana And Callisto

4 responses to “Abraham Janssens (1573 – 1632, Belgian)

  1. vvvladimirov

    “Cephalus And Procris” no Janssens picture!

    Painter: Theodoor (Theodoor) Rombouts (2 July 1597, Antwerp – 14 September 1637, Antwerp) was a Flemish Baroque painter
    Cephalus and Procris
    Rombouts, Theodor.
    Oil on canvas. 112×165 cm
    Flanders. 1610s
    The State Hermitage Museum, St. Peterburg
    link to Digital Collection:

  2. vvvladimirov

    authorship of Rombouts indicated in the official catalog of the Hermitage.(vol. 2, page 60, cat. No 2977)

    In the description of the picture is written: “in the middle of the bottom of the signature: THEODOR ROMBOVTS.”
    On the exhibition site – a mistake!

    • vvvladimirov Please, Can you send me one copy of this page of the official catalog of the Hermitage for mail? I need it because I worked on Rombouts and It’s the first time to know that in this picture there is the signature. Thanks

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