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Terry Rodgers (1947, American)

(Part II – see also previous post)

Triumph Of Venus

Second Sight

Geometries Of Innocence

The Fragility Of Peace

En Passant

The Veil Of Refracted Inferences

Shades Of Olympus

The Curve Of Binding Energy

Cupid's Delight

The Sum Of Human Knowledge

The Palace Of Automorphic Delights

Subterranean Permutations

Alternative Fictions

The Resonance Of Ungrounded Reality

The Sacrificial Penumbra

Harmonic Dissonance

The Clarity Of Singular Transformation

The Coronation Of Concupiscence

The Variable Frequencies Of Restraint

Standing Watch

No Middle Ground

The Gilt Edge

The Dark Conjugate Of Passion


Negotiating The Future

Interpreting Dreams

The Screening Room

Gaudeamus Igitur

The Vortex

The Labyrinth

The Art Of Living

The View

His Collection

Boyz II Men


Carla Seated

Stephen Pan (1963, Chinese)


The Rose

Carolus-Duran (1838 – 1917, French)

 Vision - SpringVision – Spring

The Vision Of Saint CatherineThe Vision Of Saint Catherine



Female NudeFemale Nude




Les baigneuses de FontainebleauLes baigneuses de Fontainebleau

Sitting NudeSitting Nude

Une femme nue assise vue  de dos regardant la merUne femme nue assise vue  de dos regardant la mer

Etude de nuEtude de nu


Luis Mosquera Gomez (1899 – 1987, Spanish)


Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675 – 1741, Italian)

Venus And Cupid

The Rape Of Europa

Bathsheba At Her Toilet

Queen Tomyris

Salmacis And Hermaphroditus

Roman Charity

Caritas Romana

Diana And Endymion


Venus And Cupid

Venus With Cupid And A Dove

Bacchus And Ceres

Susanna And The Elders

Half-Nude Female

Venus And Cupid

Sketch Of A Lady en Déshabillé

George Henry Edwards (1859 – 1918, English)

Nude Girls In A Wood


The Spirit Of The Marsh

The Favourite Of The Harem

Constantin Font (1890 – 1954, French)

Violette de Toulouse

Nu de dos

Reclining Female Nude With Mirror


Nu allongé

L’odalisque nude


Nu allongé

Nu féminin allongé

Pierrot au nu

Nu de dos

Nu allongé

Nu agenouillé au drap blanc (painting courtesy of Dr JLB)

Nu allongé (painting courtesy of Dr JLB)

Alois Hans Schram (1864 – 1919, Austrian)

Half-Nude Woman

Half-Naked Woman

Dorothy Tennant (1855 – 1926, Welsh)

L'Amour blessé

The Death Of Love

The Bathers


Rival Supplicants

La source

The Guardians

A Nymph With Two Cherubs

Blinded By Love

A Female Nude On A Rocky Coastline

Fauns Piping A Nymph

Alberto Donaire (1962, Spanish)

Doña Ana

La Puerta Abierta