Angelo Batti (1933, Italian)

Caldo meriggio (Hot Noon)

Il sofà di pelle (The Leather Sofa)

Adolescenza indocile (Unruly Teens)

Le scarpe rosse (The Red Shoes)

La mia tavolozza (My Palette)

L’abat-jour (The Bedside Lamp)

Nostalgia d’amore (Longing For Love)

Femminilità (Womanhood)

Purezza (Purity)

Momenti (Moments)

Le amiche (Girlfriends)

Modella (The Model)

Le amanti (The Lovers)

Il sogno (The Dream)

L’orchidea (The Orchid)

La danzatrice (The Dancer)

Perla (Pearl)

Luce indiscreta (Obtrusive Light)

Ali nel silenzio (Wings In Silence)

Armoniosa nudità (Harmonious Nakedness)

Preda di un sogno (Caught In A Dream)

title unknown

Nudo con calze nere (Nude With Black Stockings)

Il romanzo (The Novel)

Il sofà

Il sofà (The Couch)

Abbandono totale

Abbandono totale

Tra le braccia di Morfeo

Tra le braccia di Morfeo

 Messaggio d'amore

Messaggio d’amore



One response to “Angelo Batti (1933, Italian)

  1. Gunther Berghof

    Good Day , I have recently purchased an oil painting signed by Batti, it is a large canvas and it looks to me like hand painted, I was told by the old lady I bought it from that she has had the painting for at least 30 years. I really like the painting of young lady but still I wonder how much painting by Batti are sold for. I paid 13 dollars for it at a garage sale. Thank you , Gunther Berghof

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