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Terry Rodgers (1947, American)

(Part II – see also previous post)

Triumph Of Venus

Second Sight

Geometries Of Innocence

The Fragility Of Peace

En Passant

The Veil Of Refracted Inferences

Shades Of Olympus

The Curve Of Binding Energy

Cupid's Delight

The Sum Of Human Knowledge

The Palace Of Automorphic Delights

Subterranean Permutations

Alternative Fictions

The Resonance Of Ungrounded Reality

The Sacrificial Penumbra

Harmonic Dissonance

The Clarity Of Singular Transformation

The Coronation Of Concupiscence

The Variable Frequencies Of Restraint

Standing Watch

No Middle Ground

The Gilt Edge

The Dark Conjugate Of Passion


Negotiating The Future

Interpreting Dreams

The Screening Room

Gaudeamus Igitur

The Vortex

The Labyrinth

The Art Of Living

The View

His Collection

Boyz II Men


Carla Seated