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Alois Hans Schram (1864 – 1919, Austrian)

Half-Nude Woman

Half-Naked Woman

Dorothy Tennant (1855 – 1926, Welsh)

L'Amour blessé

The Death Of Love

The Bathers


Rival Supplicants

La source

The Guardians

A Nymph With Two Cherubs

Blinded By Love

A Female Nude On A Rocky Coastline

Fauns Piping A Nymph

Alberto Donaire (1962, Spanish)

Doña Ana

La Puerta Abierta


Wilfred Gabriel de Glehn (1870 – 1951, English)

Ariadne In Naxos

The Poet Accompanied By Some Of The Muses Finds Inspiration In Nature

The Nymph


La Toilette

Nude In A Landscape


A Reclining Female Nude In The Artist's Studio

Model At Cheyne Walk

Margot Peet (1903 – 1995, American)


Caesar van Everdingen (1617 – 1678, Dutch)

Jupiter And CallistoJupiter And Callisto

Bacchus With Two Nymphs And CupidBacchus With Two Nymphs And Cupid

The Rape Of EuropeThe Rape Of Europe

Nymphs Offering The Young Bacchus Wine, Fruit And FlowersNymphs Offering The Young Bacchus Wine, Fruit And Flowers

Four Muses And Pegasus On ParnassusFour Muses And Pegasus On Parnassus

Vertumnus And PomonaVertumnus And Pomona

Couple In LoveCouple In Love

Cittern PlayerCittern Player

Pan And SyrinxPan And Syrinx


Ludwig Knaus (1829 – 1910, German)

Nude (Reflection)