Marcel René Herrfeldt (1890 – 1965, French)

(Part II)



Female Nude On The Beach

Reclining Nude At Sea

In The Dunes Of Bornholm

Female Nude With Greyhounds

An Oriental Beauty

Female Nude At The Window

A Sunny Day

Nude On A Rock

Semi-Nude Tarantella Dancer – Gypsy Girl With A Tambourine

Standing Brunette Nude With Tambourine

Semi-Reclining Female Nude

A Sunny Place – Female Nude Lying On A Rock Off Coast

Nude On Silk Cushions And Rug Sheep


Nude Female Erotic


Female Nude On A Rock By A Lake

Slave Market

A Young Beauty Clasping An Urn

Herrfeldt_MarcelNude Clasping A Vase

Oriental Dancer With Tambourine

The Beautiful Andalusian – Beauty Against White Marble Wall

Le modèle

Reclining Nude

(See also: Part I)

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