Pal Fried (1893 – 1976, Hungarian-born American)

(Part II)

Nude Woman

Young Woman Half-Nude


A Nude Model

African Half-Nude Woman


A Dark Haired Beauty


Reclining Nude

Nude Portrait Of Eva

Sleeping Beauty

Black Haired Nude Woman

Nude Beauty With Drapery On Her Shoulder


A Nude Woman Brushing Her Hair With Her Reflection In The Mirror

Black Venus

Reclining Nude

Black Stockings

Blonde Nude Woman

Woman And Child

Fried Pal - Nude With Red ShawlNude With Red Shawl


Sleeping Woman

Reclining Nude

Black Lady

(See also: Part I)

One response to “Pal Fried (1893 – 1976, Hungarian-born American)

  1. Spartan Aries

    He’s an amazing, some of his models seem too sultry, exultant beauties.

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