Yannick Bouchard (1982, Canadian)

A Broken Prayer

Kiss Of The Alchemist

Ephemeral Miracle


Equilibrium Philosophy


Beauty Of Sorrow

Beauty Of Sorrow II

Permanent Illusion

Denying The Evidence


The Echoes Of Placidity

Dawn And The Intangible

Silent Surrender


Borrowed Memories

Human Fantasy


For The Last Time Tomorrow


The Epitaph Of Flesh

Four Foul Friends

2 responses to “Yannick Bouchard (1982, Canadian)

  1. Morgan Powell

    Pure kitsch. This stuff is dime-a-dozen. I enjoy checking your site and find the idea wonderful, but some quality distinction might be a good thing. There’s just too much of this sort of teenager’s wallpaper stuff.

    • CantervilleGhost

      Not all the paintings posted here are always necessarily to my liking. But I’m not here to judge. I’m simply trying to give space to any kind of artistic expression.

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