Lucia Fairchild Fuller (1872 – 1924, American)

By A Clear FountainBy A Clear Fountain

3 responses to “Lucia Fairchild Fuller (1872 – 1924, American)

  1. This was painted by my Grandmother! She supported her family by painting miniatures; tiny portraits, made with watercolor on ivory. How nice to see this one! It’s of a model who lived with them in Plainfield, N.H., posing by their swimming pool, probably around 1900.

    • CantervilleGhost

      Thanks for your information

    • Gregory L. Lehmann

      My grandmother was the model who posed for H.B. Fuller’s portrait Ebba Bohm ca. 1905. She also participated in the Masque of Ours pageant held in the same year, honoring the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens (whom she also posed for). I see a distinct resemblance between the figure depicted in Lucia F. Fuller’s By a Clear Fountain and that of H.B. Fuller’s Ebba Bohm ca. 1905, thus I am curious to find out whether you know the name of the model who posed for your grandmother’s painting – By A Clear Fountain ? Sincerely,
      Gregory L. Lehmann

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