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Wayne Thiebaud (1920, American)

 Girl With Pink HatGirl With Pink Hat

Dressing FigureDressing Figure

Natalya Osadcha (1979, Ukrainian)

Natalya Osadcha  6Nude

Ludomir Sleńdziński (1889 – 1980, Lithuanian-born Polish)

By The LakeBy The Lake




Irene Klestova (1908 – 1989, Russian)

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

Léon François Comerre (1850 – 1916, French)

An Odalisque With A PeacockAn Odalisque With A Peacock

 Jezebel Eaten By Dogs

Jezebel Eaten By Dogs

Le Manteau LegendaireLe Manteau Legendaire

Leda And The SwanLeda And The Swan

Oriental NudeOriental Nude


Danaë And The Shower Of GoldDanaë And The Shower Of Gold

In The Absence Of The ArtistIn The Absence Of The Artist

Le modèleLe modèle

The WinkThe Wink

Jeune femme à l'éventailJeune femme à l’éventail


Odalisque au narghiléOdalisque au narghilé

Le DélugeLe Déluge

After The BathAfter The Bath



The Cobweb

Le bain de l'AlhambraLe bain de l’Alhambra

Austin Osman Spare (1886 – 1956, English)

Austin Osman Spare (1886-1956)




Antoni Piotrowski (1853 – 1924, Polish)

Spring . Girls Gleaning FlowersSpring

Nymphs And SatyrsNymphs And Satyrs

By The SeaBy The Sea

Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920, Swedish)

A Love NymphA Love Nymph


Archipelago FlowerArchipelago Flower

Girl From SmalandGirl From Smaland

Nude By The ShoreNude By The Shore

Anders Zorn-title unknown


Girls From Dalarna Having A Bath - Women Bathing In The SaunaGirls From Dalarna Having A Bath –
Women Bathing In The Sauna

Nude WomanNude Woman


Potatoes In The CauldronPotatoes In The Cauldron

Anders Zorntitle unknown

I Wikstroms AteljeI Wikstroms Atelje

The Bathers 2The Bathers

Nude Woman Arranging Her HairNude Woman Arranging Her Hair

Anders Zorntitle unknown

First TimeFirst Time

In The HarborIn The Harbor

Red SandRed Sand

Anders Zorntitle unknown


Sunbathing GirlSunbathing Girl


The AwakeningThe Awakening


Vitaly Gavrilovich Tikhov (1876 – 1939, Ukrainian)

Nude With A DogNude With A Dog

Nude With A Rubens PaintingNude With A Rubens Painting

Nude PortraitNude Portrait

Mother And Daughter BathingMother And Daughter Bathing


Bathers 2Bathers

Bathers 3Bathers

Female NudeFemale Nude

Russian BeautyRussian Beauty

Female Nude In The KitchenFemale Nude In The Kitchen

Two FriendsTwo Friends

In A Russian BanyaIn A Russian Banya

Girls In The SaunaGirls In The Sauna

Venus Before The MirrorVenus Before The Mirror

Seated NudeSeated Nude

Vitali Tikhov (6)title unknown


Nude With ShawlNude With Shawl

John Neil Rodger (1941, South African)

Walking Nude With Mandolin, RectoWalking Nude With Mandolin, Recto

Walking Nude With Mandolin, VersoWalking Nude With Mandolin, Verso

Walking Nude IIWalking Nude

Nude With MandolinNude With Mandolin

Nude In A BedroomNude In A Bedroom

Nude With BraceletNude With Bracelet

(30)title unknown

Nude With BraidNude With Braid

View From The BathroomView From The Bathroom

Nude With PomegranateNude With Pomegranate

(20)title unknown

Nude With TattooNude With Tattoo

Walking Nude With Floral DrapeWalking Nude With Floral Drape

(5)title unknown

Reclining Nude IIReclining Nude

Karoo NudeKaroo Nude

Karoo Window IIKaroo Window

Morag AsleepMorag Asleep