John Neil Rodger (1941, South African)

Walking Nude With Mandolin, RectoWalking Nude With Mandolin, Recto

Walking Nude With Mandolin, VersoWalking Nude With Mandolin, Verso

Walking Nude IIWalking Nude

Nude With MandolinNude With Mandolin

Nude In A BedroomNude In A Bedroom

Nude With BraceletNude With Bracelet

(30)title unknown

Nude With BraidNude With Braid

View From The BathroomView From The Bathroom

Nude With PomegranateNude With Pomegranate

(20)title unknown

Nude With TattooNude With Tattoo

Walking Nude With Floral DrapeWalking Nude With Floral Drape

(5)title unknown

Reclining Nude IIReclining Nude

Karoo NudeKaroo Nude

Karoo Window IIKaroo Window

Morag AsleepMorag Asleep


One response to “John Neil Rodger (1941, South African)

  1. Morgan Powell

    Subtle movement, wonderful treatment of light!

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