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José Cruz Herrera (1890 – 1972, Spanish)


219title unknown

La PepaLa Pepa

El téEl té


86title unknown

Desnudo con mantilla blancaDesnudo con mantilla blanca



Mis MarocMis Maroc

54title unknown


Desnudo acostadoDesnudo acostado


La favoritaLa favorita




Desnudo de frenteDesnudo de frente

Belleza en reposoBelleza en reposo

Desnudo 7Desnudo

Las  dos rosasLas  dos rosas


Manto rojoManto rojo

Young Odalisque At The BathYoung Odalisque At The Bath

Desnudo con frutaDesnudo con fruta

Reclining Nude From BehindReclining Nude From Behind

Magdalena en reposoMagdalena en reposo

Las manzanasLas manzanas

Desnudo demaritereDesnudo demaritere



Descanso del modeloDescanso del modelo

Desnudo acostado 2Desnudo acostado

Jeune-fille-au-collierJeune fille au collier

Reflexion desnudoReflexion desnudo

Jean Beraud (1849 – 1935, French)

Symphony In Red And GoldSymphony In Red And Gold

Leon Kroll (1884 – 1974, American)

Nude DorothyNude Dorothy

Summer - New YorkSummer – New York

Girl On A Blue ChairGirl On A Blue Chair

Seated Nude In A LandscapeSeated Nude In A Landscape

Sleeping NudeSleeping Nude

The Morning PaperThe Morning Paper

title unknowntitle unknown

Reclining Nude On A CouchReclining Nude On A Couch

Seated Female NudeSeated Female Nude

Seated Nude From The BackSeated Nude From The Back

Seated NudeSeated Nude

Sleeping Nude 2Sleeping Nude

Haitian GirlsHaitian Girls



Nude On CoachNude On Coach

Kneeling FigureKneeling Figure

Figure Study Of WomenFigure Study Of Women

Nude Before A MirrorNude Before A Mirror

Sleeping Nude 3Sleeping Nude

Dementi Alekseevic Shmarinov (1907 – 1999, Russian)

The FamilyThe Family

Auguste Barthélemy Glaize (1807 – 1893, French)

Le Sang de VenusLe Sang de Venus

Les BaigneusesLes Baigneuses

Les ecueils de la vieLes ecueils de la vie

A River God Rescuing A NaiadA River God Rescuing A Naiad

Le Tonneau des DanaidesLe Tonneau des Danaides

The Purveyor Of MiseryThe Purveyor Of Misery

Love's First StepLove’s First Step


Femme au bainFemme au bain

Michele Del Campo (1976, Italian)

The Ageing DancerThe Ageing Dancer

Il vecchio paese sul lagoThe Old Village On The Lake

La barca rottaThe Broken Boat

Between The Clouds And The Sea (East)Between The Clouds And The Sea (East)

Between The Clouds And The Sea (North)Between The Clouds And The Sea (North)

Between The Clouds And The Sea (West)Between The Clouds And The Sea (West)

Between The Clouds And The Sea (South)Between The Clouds And The Sea (South)

Desiderio consumatore (Consuming Desire)Consuming Desire

Camino a la oscuridadPath To Darkness


Anastasia Hohriakova (1980, Russian)

Naked Girls And A HorsemanNaked Girls And A Horseman

Naked MahaNaked Maha

Three GracesThree Graces


An Armenian DescantAn Armenian Descant


Decameron - LoversDecameron – Lovers





Sleeping Adam And EveSleeping Adam And Eve

Puddles. Adam And EvePuddles. Adam And Eve

Puddles. The FallPuddles. The Fall



The Temptation Of Saint AntonioThe Temptation Of Saint Antonio

Two Girls - Naked ModelsTwo Girls – Naked Models

Naked Woman - Sleep And MirrorNaked Woman – Sleep And Mirror


Naked Woman And A Bas-reliefNaked Woman And A Bas-relief

Naked GirlNaked Girl

Women SwimmingWomen Swimming

Woman With A DraperyWoman With A Drapery

Steve Hanks (1949 – 2015, American)

With Every BreathWith Every Breath

Shining In The SunShining In The Sun

At The Edge Of Shadow And LightAt The Edge Of Shadow And Light

steve_hankstitle unknown

After The BathAfter The Bath

1061title unknown

The ShowerThe Shower

Steve Hankstitle unknown

Stretching Out The MorningStretching Out The Morning

Back In The SunBack In The Sun

470title unknown

A Mother's WarmthA Mother’s Warmth

Blending Into Shadows And SheetsBlending Into Shadows And Sheets

Waking UpWaking Up

Anticipating The DayAnticipating The Day

Her SideHer Side

Lost In The ReverieLost In The Reverie

Wonders Of A WomanWonders Of A Woman

Her DomainHer Domain

Love For The UnattainableLove For The Unattainable

Love For The Unattainable (detail)Love For The Unattainable (detail)

Mysteries Suite 2Mysteries Suite

Into The MorningInto The Morning

Her TimeHer Time

996title unknown

Delicate TouchDelicate Touch

The Bright Light Of MorningThe Bright Light Of Morning

The StreamThe Stream

To be continued.

Virgilio Tojetti (1851 – 1901, Italian)

Bath TimeBath Time

Naked Beauty By The FireNaked Beauty By The Fire

Cornelis van Haarlem (1562 – 1638, Dutch)

A Monk With A Beguine - The Monk And The NunA Monk With A Beguine – The Monk And The Nun

The Choice Between Young And OldThe Choice Between Young And Old

The Mirror Of TimeThe Mirror Of Time

Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis

Susanna And The EldersSusanna And The Elders

Susanna At Her BathSusanna At Her Bath

The First FamilyThe First Family

Allegory Of The Arts And Sciences - In The Dining Room At Lacock AbbeyAllegory Of The Arts And Sciences – In The Dining Room At Lacock Abbey

An Allegory Of TemperanceAn Allegory Of Temperance


The Wedding Of Peleus And ThetisThe Wedding Of Peleus And Thetis


Bathsheba BathingBathsheba Bathing

Adam And EveAdam And Eve

The Fall Of ManThe Fall Of Man

The Fall Of Man 2The Fall Of Man

The Baptism Of ChristThe Baptism Of Christ

The Good SamaritanThe Good Samaritan

Venis And Adonis With Cupid In A LandscapeVenis And Adonis With Cupid In A Landscape

The Judgment Of ParisThe Judgment Of Paris

The Massacre Of The InnocentsThe Massacre Of The Innocents

The Massacre Of The Innocents 2The Massacre Of The Innocents

Venus And MarsVenus And Mars