Steve Hanks (1949 – 2015, American)

With Every BreathWith Every Breath

Shining In The SunShining In The Sun

At The Edge Of Shadow And LightAt The Edge Of Shadow And Light

steve_hankstitle unknown

After The BathAfter The Bath

1061title unknown

The ShowerThe Shower

Steve Hankstitle unknown

Stretching Out The MorningStretching Out The Morning

Back In The SunBack In The Sun

470title unknown

A Mother's WarmthA Mother’s Warmth

Blending Into Shadows And SheetsBlending Into Shadows And Sheets

Waking UpWaking Up

Anticipating The DayAnticipating The Day

Her SideHer Side

Lost In The ReverieLost In The Reverie

Wonders Of A WomanWonders Of A Woman

Her DomainHer Domain

Love For The UnattainableLove For The Unattainable

Love For The Unattainable (detail)Love For The Unattainable (detail)

Mysteries Suite 2Mysteries Suite

Into The MorningInto The Morning

Her TimeHer Time

996title unknown

Delicate TouchDelicate Touch

The Bright Light Of MorningThe Bright Light Of Morning

The StreamThe Stream

To be continued.

2 responses to “Steve Hanks (1949 – 2015, American)

  1. Sad to learn that this remarkable artist passed away Tuesday April 21, 2015 in Albuquerque,
    New Mexico, USA.

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