Gottfried Sieben (1856 – 1918, Austrian)

WARNING – In 1909, using the pseudonym of Archibald Smith, the Austrian book illustrator Gottfried Sieben painted “Balkangreuel” (Balkan Horror), a series of twelve lithographs showing Turkish soldiers in the act of gang-raping and killing women. The images are highly raw and explicit, but they also have  an historical value.













8 responses to “Gottfried Sieben (1856 – 1918, Austrian)

  1. Razul Darkwood

    That’s why we, the Bulgarians never really forgave to Turkey. We know that those people are not the ones who did the rapes. It was their great great grand fathers, still maybe many of us want to hear that they truly are sorry for that happened. We don’t want to be enemies I have friends that have Turkish origin. They are really nice and polite people and I respect them from the bottom of my heart. Still many Bulgarians are not tolerant like me and see them as our mortal enemies. Even so some think that Turkey may try to get some of our lands after they become part of the EU. I want to trust that this won’t happen as much as I try to berry the hatchet I still cannot trust them because even that I know good Turkish people when I ask them will you stand against us if Turkey wage war on Bulgaria all of them say yes. I know its hard to betray your homeland but you live here not there… That was one really unpleasant discussion that I had with a friend of mine with Turkish origin. I admire their patriotism but lets not forget that no matter how civilized we can be underneath our skin lies what our fathers and their fathers and their fathers fathers had done.

    Thank you, to those that understand.

    • What horrible today over 140 years later that Turkey as a country fails to publicly apologize to its neighbors for its atrocities in the Balkans. In an inflight magazine of Turkish Airlines I read an article about Turkey taking over Constantinopol to establish law and fairness among three continents. What a joke and how arrogant. That time set a dark stage in the Balkans for 5 centuries of backwardness, torture and utter genocite, which will remain not forgotten and not forgiven for more time to come. Turkey should acknowledge its horrible history and apologize and then take steps to become a civilized country. People are people and Turks as individuals may not be all villains. I have Turkish friends, but their country rests on its past that is not to be forgotten.

    • The audacity of white Europeans. Think they know what it’s like to be deeply wronged. Nobody’s in the past 2,000 years has raped, plundered, and brutalized the world more than Europe. Nobody. Not even Attila the Hun. And yes, those in Turkey count. Arabs are technically white, too.

  2. Pepo Ramesses

    Hello I would love to share with you to talk
    . Excuse me first that there was any error in grammar or in the written alphabet for words, I’m still learn English.
    I am a young Egyptian, my parents and my grandparents from Upper Egypt, my roots go back to the indigenous people of Egypt, “the ancient Egyptians”
    I have suffered from my Ottoman occupation and those committed massacres and pogroms and Aatsabat and killed and tortured, and taking land from my grandparents and sisters g and also they Bakhadd craftsmen and engineers Egyptians to the capital of the empire to work exclusively on the construction and Taced buildings and palaces for them. Discernible farmers and the good of their fields to recruit Jabra in the Ottoman army of occupation.
    When Read what they did AQIM Balkan massacres and all that I feel sorry for you and for Godoy and sisters and all the Egyptians and also when I remember all the massacres committed by the Ottoman army in Girenna in Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and the destruction of their country and pillage and rape their women and and many genocides, for example, the genocide of Armenians and Assyrians and raped the women and then slaughtered and sexual abuse of children and left them in the woods until they die .. and here is today’s Turkey, which repeats what she was doing the Ottoman Empire in the Levant and here is the state subsidizes Islamic in Iraq and the Levant Isis and all of you hear in the news or Look at Google on what to do in the round of Islamic Syria and Iraq of killing and torture of all that is non-Muslim various kinds of torture and murder. Turkey and is now waiting for their chance until the intervention of the European Union attempts to even begin to exert control and influence over Albelkln land and land that was one day in the past occupied by the Ottoman Empire in either diplomat and disputes over the ownership of the land or, for example, waiting for a big war or conflict going on in the region and do not forget that they now have a strong army and extended its control by force and destruction as they did their ancestors veterans. People are people, and genes are genes. Turks are now evolving to the Ottomans in Egypt like we say … extend the race for the seventh and grandfather .. This means that the genes of the parents and grandparents are the genes of the parents and the children and their thoughts almost identical between the generations continue to do so into the seventh generation of children. Turks are the new forms of the Ottomans. Does not rejoice including show people you manifestations of urbanization because he remains the heart of the hatred you, but what about them .. pink on the previous response, which he used to say that if he had, for example, a war between Bulgaria and Turkey unjustly Vsaagaf Turkish people with Bulgarians tell his beloved brother you are very kind-hearted, on the contrary arise .. what do u think you and your friend Thrtmh the first to attack you. See Syria as an example. Because it is what you do u think your friend opting first for his religion and patriotism then to the genetic roots of Turkish and will not mention friendship and not something else maybe my words does not apply to all people, but I think 95% of them.

  3. Pepo Ramesses

    Thank you for your response . Repair some of the mistakes that I was able to see it in my reply and this excuse was that after Ir understandable words or incorrect .. Link in the following reply

  4. Well, everybody knows about turkish atrocities in the past, the whole world knows about the armenian genocide. Only the Turks do not acknowldege these historical facts. That makes me think that in the bottom of their heart Turks are still violent barbarians. And that they do not deserve to enter in the European Union.

  5. sedat sıvış

    see everybody mirror :))

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