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Gottfrid Kallstenius (1861 – 1943, Swedish)

gottfrid kallstenius



Alexandre Chaponnier (1753 – 1805, Swiss)

Le modèle disposé (after Frederic Schall)Le modèle disposé (after Frederic Schall)

La Soubrette Officieuse (The Officious Waiting Woman)La Soubrette Officieuse (after Frederic Schall)

La comparaison des petits pieds (after L. Boilly)La comparaison des petits pieds (after Léopold Boilly)

Le pardonLe pardon

Anna Rose Bain (1985, American)


Garden NudeGarden Nude

The Glass SparrowThe Glass Sparrow



From Behind The Model StandFrom Behind The Model Stand

baintitle unknown

baintitle unknown

baintitle unknown

Back Study In Warm And CoolBack Study In Warm And Cool

Bone NecklaceBone Necklace

Reclining Nude On BlueReclining Nude On Blue

baintitle unknown

Giuseppe Carosi (1883 – 1965, Italian)


Louis Maurice Boutet de Monvel (1851 – 1913, French)

The Lesson Before The SabbathThe Lesson Before The Sabbath

A SirenA Siren

Jeune DianeJeune Diane

Ludwig Löffler (1819 – 1876, German)

Young Girl Sitting Nude About To Take A BathYoung Girl Sitting Nude About To Take A Bath

Louis Devedeux (1820 – 1874, French)

Diana Goddess Of The Hunt Surrounded By Her ServantsDiana Goddess Of The Hunt Surrounded By Her Servants

Slave Market In Asia MinorSlave Market In Asia Minor

La presentation de l'esclave blancheLa presentation de l’esclave blanche

Les moines galantsLes moines galants

Femme fumant un narguilé dans un intérieur oriental.bmpFemme fumant un narguilé dans un intérieur oriental

Birth Of VenusBirth Of Venus

Stephen McKenna (1939, English)


Venus And AdonisVenus And Adonis


Dead NudeDead Nude

The FlightThe Flight

Edvard Perseus (1841 – 1890, Swedish)

Nude ModelNude Model

A Classical NudeA Classical Nude

Anna Marinova (1983, Russian)

The Silk Dressing GownThe Silk Dressing Gown

Color DreamsColor Dreams

Girls - Two ModelsGirls – Two Models

The ReaderThe Reader

The Morning SunThe Morning Sun

In The HaremIn The Harem

Margarita's DreamMargarita’s Dream

The Romantic NovelThe Romantic Novel

The Red BowThe Red Bow


Anna Marinova _

Anna Marinova

(23)title unknown

16)title unknown


Spring MorningSpring Morning



Nude With A Pink TurbanNude With A Pink Turban

Nude With MirrorNude With Mirror

47title unknown

Pink DreamPink Dream

Pink AprilPink April

Nude On The Yellow 2Nude On The Yellow


Red NudeRed Nude

Nude On BlueNude On Blue


Nude On The YellowNude On The Yellow

Nude On The Yellow And RedNude On The Yellow And Red

24title unknown



Whispered Dream

Whispered Dream

In The Artist's StudioIn The Artist’s Studio