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Edouard-Henri Avril (1843 – 1928, French)

Under the pseudonym Paul Avril, he was a well-known illustrator of erotic literature. His major work was these twenty plates for “De Figuris Veneris: A Manual of Classical Erotica” (1906):

De Figuris VenerisDe Figuris Veneris

Standing Sex PositionStanding Sex Position

Missionary PositionMissionary Position

Woman On Top PositionWoman On Top Position

Woman On Top Position 2Woman On Top Position


Rear-Entry PositionRear-Entry Position

Hadrian And Antinous In EgyptHadrian And Antinous In Egypt, Anal Sex

Socrates And AlcibiadesSocrates And Alcibiades


Fellatio IIFellatio And Cunnilingus

Male MasturbationMale Masturbation


SapphoSappho, Cunnilingus

Group SexGroup Sex

Lesbic SexLesbic Sex

Lesbic Sex With DildoLesbic Sex With Dildo


Rear-Entry Position IIRear-Entry Position, Anal Sex

Cunnilingus, Group SexFoursome