Pascal Chôve (1960, French)

Les ames soeursLes âmes soeurs



46title unknown


500title unknown

Happy SuzyHappy Suzy

Bleu comme toiBleu comme toi

Aux contrairesAux contraires

The NestThe Nest


Une esquisse de couleursUne esquisse de couleurs

Forever YoungForever Young

297title unknown

chovetitle unknown

Pale imitationPâle imitation

Pascal Chove - (27)title unknown

chovetitle unknown

Avant la poseAvant la pose

The Flying CarpetThe Flying Carpet

Un grain de toute beautéUn grain de toute beauté

Chaud et froidChaud et froid

21title unknown

Retour de l'outremerRetour de l’outremer

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

52title unknown




Pascal Chove - (56)title unknown

Côté fresqueCôté fresque

La BahiaLa Bahia

Histoire sans parolesHistoire sans paroles

45title unknown

89title unknown

Celine et l'étéCeline et l’été

Souvenir de VeniseSouvenir de Venise

En attendantEn attendant

La chuteLa chute


One response to “Pascal Chôve (1960, French)

  1. A sleeping pill on Wednesday, sending the office demons into oblivion.
    The protruding horns, the balding scalps of Bombay high and the silicon rust thrusting through my brains or my mind.
    Great though chemist for a blissful night for the demons thundering past
    into the land of no return.
    The Neighbour of Machiavelli land, This night not a wink of sleep
    yet the blissfulness of that night I took the sleeping pill.

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