William Etty (1787 – 1849, English)

Moonlit NudeMoonlit Nude

Female Nude In A LandscapeFemale Nude In A Landscape

Sleeping Nymph And SatyrsSleeping Nymph And Satyrs

Andromeda Chained To The RocksAndromeda Chained To The Rocks

Seated Female Nude 2Seated Female Nude

Reclining Female Nude 2Reclining Female Nude

Naked Woman With Red DraperyNaked Woman With Red Drapery

The Judgment Of ParisThe Judgment Of Paris

The Flower GirlThe Flower Girl

Standing NudeStanding Nude

Britomart Redeems Faire AmoretBritomart Redeems Faire Amoret

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

Cupid And PsycheCupid And Psyche

Pandora Crowned By The SeasonsPandora Crowned By The Seasons

Study Of A Standing Female NudeStudy Of A Standing Female Nude

Nude StudyNude Study

Venus, Cupid And PsycheVenus, Cupid And Psyche

Nude Woman AsleepNude Woman Asleep

Pluto Carrying Off ProserpinePluto Carrying Off Proserpine

Nude Woman KneelingNude Woman Kneeling

The Fairy Of The FountainThe Fairy Of The Fountain

The Three GracesThe Three Graces

Venus Rising From The SeaVenus Rising From The Sea

Reclining Female NudeReclining Female Nude


Two Girls BathingTwo Girls Bathing

Study Of A Seated NudeStudy Of A Seated Nude

Nude Woman From BehindNude Woman From Behind

The Coral Finder - Venus And Her Youthful SatellitesThe Coral Finder – Venus And Her Youthful Satellites

Venus and CupidsVenus and Cupids

Female Bathers Surprised By A SwanFemale Bathers Surprised By A Swan

Nude Figure Of A Young GirlNude Figure Of A Young Girl

The BatherThe Bather

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One response to “William Etty (1787 – 1849, English)

  1. Enormed by Etty’s beauty the moon sinking from its duty.
    The Plassey arm’s were primitive though,
    The ginger paint flooding Light – The natives plight in twilight
    Bathing beauty or the swan song beauty remind old is gold
    not the arms though Etty’s paints are so.

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