Silvius Krecu (1959, Serbian)

In The DoorwayIn The Doorway

The OfferThe Offer

The WallThe Wall

Sun WorshipSun Worship


The Artist's StudioThe Artist’s Studio



The Karash RiverThe Karash River


3 responses to “Silvius Krecu (1959, Serbian)

  1. where do you find these artist? i am curious are you a curator? or someone pursuing a degree and this is part of your research ok enough guessing

    • CantervilleGhost

      Personal passion, I guess. I am not an art critic nor an art dealer. I do not have a degree and I have not worked a single day in my life. But this is not a blog for personal confessions.

      • that’s true personal confessions aside; was just curious about the wizard behind the curtain; keep on keeping on

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