Annibale Carracci (1560 – 1609, Italian)

Venere, Adone e CupidoVenus, Adonis And Cupid

Venus With Satyr And CupidVenus With Satyr And Cupid

Venus Inebriated By A SatyrVenus Inebriated By A Satyr

Sleeping VenusSleeping Venus

Venus And The GracesVenus And The Graces

Landscape With The Toilet Of VenusLandscape With The Toilet Of Venus

Susanna And The EldersSusanna And The Elders

An Allegory Of Truth And TimeAn Allegory Of Truth And Time

Polifemo e GalateaPolyphemus And Galatea


One response to “Annibale Carracci (1560 – 1609, Italian)

  1. Gabriel Carrizosa M.

    Todas estas bellas obras son parte del patrimonio universal producto del talento de cerebros privilegiados………………….. y para el goce de toda la humanidad….!!

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