Maximilian Pirner (1854 – 1924, Czech)

The Temptation Of St. JeromeThe Temptation Of St. Jerome

Frenzy, Hatred And DeathFrenzy, Hatred And Death

Finis - The End Of All ThingsFinis – The End Of All Things

Allegory Of LoveAllegory Of Love



The StreamThe Stream

Mythological SceneMythological Scene

Mythological Misalliances 1Mythological Misalliances

Mythological Misalliances 2Mythological Misalliances

Mythological Misalliances 3Mythological Misalliances

Mythological Misalliances 4Mythological Misalliances

Mythological Misalliances - The SirensMythological Misalliances – The Sirens


Homo Homini LupusHomo Homini Lupus



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