José Manuel Capuletti (1925 – 1978, Spanish)

Iris With PaintingsIris With Paintings

Iris With Palm BranchIris With Palm Branch

Not GuiltyNot Guilty

El CanalEl Canal

La VentanaLa Ventana

La Mujer de los CaracolesLa Mujer de los Caracoles

The Danaids BottleThe Danaids Bottle

Jose Manuel Capuletti title unknown



L'attente de trois femmesL’attente de trois femmes

Plein SoleilPlein Soleil

Retour à la lumiereRetour à la lumiere

Capuletti (1)title unknown

 Capuletti (2)title unknown

Green SkyGreen Sky

Jeune fille aux torerosJeune fille aux toreros


One response to “José Manuel Capuletti (1925 – 1978, Spanish)

  1. Dali like in many respects

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