Mihaly Zichy (1827 – 1906, Hungarian)

Intercourse On The SofaIntercourse On The Sofa

Going On TopGoing On Top

Total FascinationTotal Fascination

Cunnilingus 4Cunnilingus

Side Face To FaceSide Face To Face


Intercourse On The CouchIntercourse On The Couch

Sitting On TopSitting On Top


Cunnilingus 3Cunnilingus



Joyful ExplorationJoyful Exploration

Masturbating In The BathroomMasturbating In The Bathroom

Woman Masturbating A Man - PrefellatioWoman Masturbating A Man – Prefellatio

Cunnilingus 5Cunnilingus

My Aunt Loved Me So MuchMy Aunt Loved Me So Much

Boys MasturbatingBoys Masturbating

A TergoA Tergo

Legs On His ShouldersLegs On His Shoulders


280Woman Masturbating Man

57Man Masturbating Woman


Cunnilingus 6Cunnilingus

Come On, BoyCome On, Boy – Woman Masturbating Young Boy

On His KneesOn His Knees

Cunnilingus 2Cunnilingus

Fellatio 2Fellatio – Pregnant Woman Sucking Husband

Half An Hour Before DeliveryHalf An Hour Before Delivery

The FamilyThe Family

Cunnilingus - The Young ExplorerCunnilingus – The Young Explorer

The Old SatyrThe Old Satyr

Mihaly ZichyNymph And Satyr


Three Erotic DrawingsThree Erotic Drawings

(to be continued)

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