Willem Gerard Hofker (1902 – 1981, Dutch)

Ni Gusti Kompiang MawarNi Gusti Kompiang Mawar

Ni Kenjoeng By LamplightNi Kenjoeng By Lamplight


Ni KenyungNi Kenyung

Ni Kenjoen, BaliNi Kenjoen, Bali

Goesti Made Toewi

Balinese Beauty

Three Balinese GirlsThree Balinese Girls

A Nude In Front Of MirrorA Nude In Front Of Mirror


Re RemiothRe Remioth

Made ToeiMade Toei

Seated NudeSeated Nude

Koudiri, Bali

Dressing For Legong Dance

Ni Tjawan and Little Ketoet At A Weaving Loom

Village Life In Sanur

Melis, Two Balinese Beauties And A Boy

Sitting Woman With Offerings

Ni Gusti Kompiang Mawar

Ni DantiNi Danti

Ni GedoerNi Gedoer

Ni KenjonNi Kenjon

Ni KenjoengNi Kenjoeng

Ni KejoengNi Kejoeng

Ni Made Toewi

Ni Wiriah

Ni Asoeg

Two Balinese Beauties With Anaphora

Goesti Madé Toewi At The Gate

Two DancersTwo Dancers


Toewi At The Temple GateToewi At The Temple Gate

Ni Kenjoen, BaliNi Kenjoen, Bali

A Balinese BeautyA Balinese Beauty

Half Dressed BeautyHalf Dressed Beauty

Ni RinditNi Rindit

Wood NymphsWood Nymphs

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  1. Superb , ala kaaam

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