Hermann Albert (1937, German)

The Girlfriends

The Shadow

The Girl With The Red Ribbon

Room in Impruneta

Southern Room With Wash Basin

title unknown

In Front Of The Mirror

Homage To M

Nude And Dog

Nude Before Yellow Curtain


The Bathers

Woman And Orange Tree

The Family

The Fisherman’s Family

Horse And Mountain

The Four Seasons

The Good Mother

Two Women

Women At The Sea

Nymph’s Spring

Sleeping Nude And Salamander

Nude And Dove In A Historic Landscape

The Age Of Music

Woman And Mirror

Half Nude Woman With Dove

Half Nude

Young Woman I

Young Woman II

title unknown

Woman With Ribbon

Man, Woman, Butterflies

Woman And Cat

The Sisters

The Couple


Woman And Fruit

Two Nudes In A Darkened Room

Two Nudes In A Darkened Room

Nude In Front Of Elderberry Bush

The Graces

title unknown

Woman With Cigarette

Woman #8

Seated Female Nude

Purple Underwear

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