Jeff Faerber (American)

Two Stoyas

Saint Pixie Pearl

Pixie Pearl II

Jiz Lee

Woman With Jewelry

Hollen Bast

Tibetan Flames, Japanese Waves


Now At Last Gained Ascendancy


So Fragile, So Alive

Little Smallness



A Finite End Hidden In Her Skin

Triangle Nude

Yellow Nude


Random Nude


Woman With Vase

Ms. Stripey Socks


Making Sweet Sweet Love

Hands On The Ground


Girl Showing The Bottom Of Her Feet

Reclining Redhead

Another Reclining Redhead

Redhead And Malin

Ace Of Coins

Seven Of Cups

Ten Of Cups

Horny Nurses Will Dry You Up!

A Brief Respite In A Discussion Of Keynesian Economics As It Relates To GDP

Girl With Suitor, Listening To Radiohead

Supine Couple With Hokusai Fan

Reclining Couple With Bonzai Tree, Girl Twittering

A Supplicant With Two Courtesans, All With An Enthusiasm For Honey

Tranquil Couple With iBook 17 Inch PowerPC G4 1.2 GHz

Paramours With Steamed Dumplings Flirting With Small Death

Two Scholars In The Cusp Of Evening Utilizing Coconut Oil

Couple With Orange Fan With White Blossoms

A Picture Of Spring



Figure Study



One response to “Jeff Faerber (American)

  1. sassycoupleok

    Nicely erotic !!!

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