Frédéric Dufaux (1852 – 1943, Swiss)

Standing Female Nude

The Painter And The Model

Female Nude In The Boudoir

La toilette

Nu de femme se preparant pour son bain

La toilette du matin

Female Nude In Front Of A Pink Curtain

Jeune femme au déshabillé

Interior With A Lady In Negligé

A Beauty Carrying A Tray

Nu au miroir

Jeune femme alanguie

Young Woman With Bare Chest

Nu assis dans un fauteuil

Female Semi-Nude

Nu assis

Femme au turban

Nu féminin assis

Young Lady Reading

Femme lisant

Reclining Lady In Negligé

Femme nue étendue

Reclining Female Nude

Standing Nude

Grande baigneuse

Half-Naked Sitting Female

Young Woman In The Water

Baigneuses et cygne

Mother And Child Bathing At The Beach

Nu au bord d’un lac

Bather On The Lake Shore

Nude At The Beach

Female Nude At The Lake

Nude Woman On The Shore

Jeune femme à demi dénudée

Village Africain


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