Eli Levin (1938, American)


Nude And Wood Stove

Nude In An Interior With Kiva

Nude And Mirror


Bedroom Bargaining

Bathing In Green Shower


Putting Up Hair

Nude On Green Couch

Top Knot

Venus Of Apodaca


Artist And Model

Maid And Nude


You Light My Fire

Sauna, Three Ages Of Man

Nude, Green Couch, Purple Pillow

Brunette On Blanket

At The Bureau Mirror

Nude With Guitar

Woman In Bed – Seated Figure With Nude

Artist And Muse

The Angry Muse

The Pensive Woman

Nude At Window


Last Trip Out

Terrorist And Nude

Strip Bar

Smoking Nudes

Figures In An Interior



2 responses to “Eli Levin (1938, American)

  1. sassycoupleok

    Interesting and many rather fun compositions and delightfully somewhere a little erotic.

  2. Uma Maheswar

    Quite a different touch, interesting.

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