Maurice Denis (1870 – 1943, French)

Psyche Discovers That Her Secret Lover Is Cupid

Zephyr Transporting Psyche To The Island Of Delight

Cupid In Flight Is Struck By The Beauty Of Psyche

In The Presence Of Gods Jupiter Bestows Immortality On Psyche And Celebrates Her Marriage To Cupid

Psyche’s Parents Abandon Her On The Summit Of The Mountain

Cupid Carrying Psyche Up To Heaven

Games Of Nausicaa – Woman Carrying Her Companion

Bacchus And Ariadne


Baigneuses au Petit Temple

Plage au canot et à l’homme nu

Baigneuses, Plage du Pouldu

Enfant au bonnet rouge

Female Bathers At Perros-Guinec

La plage de Trestignel, Perros-Guirec

Jeux de Galatée à Trestrignel

Les Roch-Noires

Les baigneuses de Trébeurden

The Source

Figures In A Spring Landscape – Sacred Grove

La femme aux colombes

Women With Lilac

Moise sauvé des eaux

Adam And Eve

Trinity Evening

Nude At The Mirror

Reflection In A Fountain

Seated Nude Woman Seen From Behind


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