He Daqiao (1961, Chinese)

Two Nudes

Russian Girl

Reclining Nude


Female Nude

Vertical Female Nude

Fat Woman

Lying Nude

Reclining Nude

The Man On The Mattress

Man Before The Frame

Old Man

Standing Man

Nude Back Standing Woman

Standing Man Sideways

Nude Man Wearing A Red Scarf

Reclining Man Wearing A Scarf

Sitting On A Rocking Chair


Female Nude And Still Life

5 responses to “He Daqiao (1961, Chinese)


  2. He Deqiao: The 3 or 4 untitled paintings of the almost-middle-aged Asian woman (which appear a little below the male nudes) are wonderful. So much character on her face…

  3. Re my last comment on He “Deqiao” — I should have written “Daqiao” but I couldn’t find an edit button anywhere. Sorry.

    • Good Afternoon, Dear Dave,
      Many of us do commit such typing errors and not to be worried.
      But still, you have shown your fair culture in revealing the error.
      God bless you.

      • CantervilleGhost

        It’s not always easy to transliterate and transcribe into corresponding letters of another alphabet. For a European, as I am, the most difficult transliterations are from the Russian Cyrillic and the Chinese Pinyin.

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