Erich von Gotha (1924, English)

Erich von Gotha is the pseudonym used by Robin Ray.

Le Journal de Sartine:

Banc de bois pour lits de plumes

Dernières faveurs sous le théatre de l’Opéra

Fanny Hill:

Roman Life of Laura:

The Slave:

Sophie’s Curious Education:

The Dream Of Cecilia

Very Special Prison:


Cinema Night

Torrid Women:

Bizarre Tales

La fertilité de la terre somptueux


(1 – to be continued)

5 responses to “Erich von Gotha (1924, English)

  1. great artist, but looks crazy

  2. Interesting erotica but much of it quite exaggerated !!

    • I see your observation of exaggeration. There is exaggeration of penis size but I think this is deliberate for erotic effect.

    • Uma Maheswar Nakka

      Good Evening,
      As we all know, exaggerations is one important factor in the art of painting, otherwise we will not feel the difference in natural and artificial. fingbillBill has rightly analysed.

      And do anyone know why we are not getting these posts. Pl inform, if you have any information.
      Regards to all.

  3. Mucho de sus dibujos se dan en la vida real, quizás no tan abiertamente.

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