Betty Dodson (1929, American)

Leda And The Swan

Nude Study

Lesbian Lovers



Priestess – The Goddess Pose

Woman Power – Self Portrait

Great Goddess

The Vitruvian Woman

Serving The Mother Goddess

Sister Maria – Maria Schneider

Sister Maria – The Last Tango In Paris

The Kiss Of Death


Madonna – Virgin Mary


Pleasure Vs. Security – Does Size Matter?

The Mistress

Penetration – Introducing A Novice To A Threesome

Leda And The Swan

Nude Study

Glad Day


Phone Sex – The Obscene Phone Caller

Man Masturbating With Porn

Masturbating Nude – Jackie

Masturbation With Penetration

Pillow Fuck

Pillow Fuck


Clit Stim During Intercourse

Clit Stim During Intercourse

Stop Start Tecnique For Fast Ejaculators

Two Men Sharing Masturbation

Two Women Sharing The Same Vibrator

Two Women

Sensate Focus

Tommy – Nude Study Of A Young Man


Vaginal Penetration

Anal Penetration


Revenge – Girl’s Night Out

Partner Assisted

Partnersex On The Edge Of The Bed


Masturbating Nude

Masturbating Nude

Vibrating Woman


Xmas Card

Cartoon of Heterosexuality

(to be continued)

One response to “Betty Dodson (1929, American)

  1. sassycoupleok

    WOW !! Very sexy and erotic !!

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