Richard Muller (1874 – 1954, Czech-born German)

The Knight And The Girl

Message Of Love

Message Of Love

A Suitor

A Suitor

Marabu And Kneeling Female Nude

A Request

A Request

title unknown

Rivals – Teasing

Moving Clouds

Laurel And Fool’s Cap


title unknown

Meditation At Seashore

title unknown

On The Swing

On The Swing



Boy With Snake

The Stronger One

The Stronger One

The Offering



Archer II

Archer III

Archer IV

Death Struggle – Agony

Eva und Adam

Reclining Nude

Reclining Nude

Standing Female Nude

Male Nude


3 responses to “Richard Muller (1874 – 1954, Czech-born German)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    Brilliant artist, but strange why the stroke of the brush is not the same in all the paintings.

  2. sassycoupleok

    Interesting but not a favorite.

  3. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    You are very much right, regards

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