Betty Dodson (1929, American)

Self Portrait

Nude Couple

Polymorphous Puti

A Pieta

A Crucifiction

All Woman Orgy

The Angry Cunt

Group Sex


Shy Lovers

Venus And Cupid


Father With Daughter

Mother And Daughter




The Nuclear Family

Marital Sex – Lovers

Romantic Love – The Break-Up

Oral Sex

Reclining Nude – Michelin

Nude Portrait Of Romy

Reclining Nude

Romantic Love – Lovers In Red


The Embrace

The Kiss

John Masturbating

Position A

Woman On Top


The Kiss

title unknown

Oral Sex


Sexual Incompatibility

The Kiss

A Resurrection

Adam & Eve

The Judgment Of Paris

The Three Graces

The New Hat

Woman With Her Cat

Inner Hunger – Feeding Off One’s Self

Sexless Marriage

Expelled From The Garden

Inhibition – Shame


Pillow Book Series – Mutual Masturbation

Pillow Book – Cunnilinctus

Pillow Book – 69

Pillow Book – Woman On Top

Pillow Book – Vulva Examination

Pillow Book – Woman Using A Vibrator With A Dildo

A Valentine For Myself

(more paintings)

One response to “Betty Dodson (1929, American)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    One of the kind, laudable works. great artist.

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