Valentin Podpomogov (1924 – 1998, Armenian)

Reclined Lady With A Rooster

One response to “Valentin Podpomogov (1924 – 1998, Armenian)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    A great artist with a great artistic background.Biography Valentin Podpomogov
    1924 – born in Yerevan. Since
    1940 – worked in “Armenfilm” cinema studio, took part in the creation of several animated cartoons and feature films.
    1960-1964 – the chief artist of Yerevan city. Since 1958 – a member of the Cinematographic Union.
    Since 1959 – a member of the Artists’ Union. Since
    1967 – Honored artist of Armenia. Since 1975 – was engaged in painting. One of the founders of “Vozni” weekly magazine.
    1998 – died in Yerevan.
    Personal exhibitions: 1987 – the House of Scientists (Yerevan).
    The works are kept in Modern Art Museum (Yerevan) and many private collections in Armenia and abroad.

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