Kendric Tonn (1982, American)

Aubade – Eros Leaves The Sleeping Psyche, Until Night Returns

Study for Psyche

Reclining Female Nude In Studio

Composition In Cherry Season Colors

Interior With Male Figure (Composition In Triangles)

The Model’s Break

Homage To Orange, In Violet And Green


Selene And Endymion

Nocturne In Blue (Endymion)


Bacchanal (Study 1)

Bacchanal (Study 2)

Pastoral – The Satyr

Model And Horse

Composition In Brass And Red (With Standing Male Nude)

Study Of The Male Figure

Arrangement In Mint And Brick

Nude With Pink Kimono

Arrangement In Crimson And Blue (With White)

A., In Studio Interior

Sebastian In Red And Brass

Male Model, Curled In Chair, With Various Color Accents

Man In Red And Black

Reclining Male Nude With Blue Kimono

Male Nude In Colored Chalks

M, A Standing Female Figure

M., A Standing Male Figure

Arrangement In Brick And Cherry

M. Seated On Ottoman

Female Figure, Seated In Ottoman

Study of B

Study after Bouguereau

2 responses to “Kendric Tonn (1982, American)

  1. sassycoupleok

    Nice life like nudity !!

  2. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    Good paintings.

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