Félix Auguste Clément (1826 – 1888, French)


Romaine endormie


Circassienne au harem

Le dénicheur d’oiseaux

12 responses to “Félix Auguste Clément (1826 – 1888, French)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka

    Good Evening,
    Overwhelmed with joy o see you back in action.
    All these years eagerly looking into the mail with wide-opened eyes.
    Thanks and Regards

  2. Sordoni III, Andrew

    Great to have you back.

    Andrew J. Sordoni, III
    45 Owen Street
    Forty Fort, PA 18704
    (570) 283-6202

  3. Toto Castillo


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  4. Very enjoyable viewing !!!


      El desnudo siempre es hermoso, siempre es interesante su contemplación, sin embargo en estos cuadros artísticos el sexo se oculta cuando debía ser todo mas natural.

  5. Very happy to see a new post! Thank you!

  6. You’re back! Excellent news…. your curation and your collection are unmatched! Always an education and a pleasure.


    Hacia tiempo no se veía estas pinturas tan perfectas, siempre estaré disponible para admirar estas imágenes que despiertan el interés de contemplar tan bellas obras de arte.

  8. Thank you for coming back

  9. jfandos@club-internet.fr

    Bonjour, enfin vous êtes‌ revenu. Super.

  10. Yeah, your back!!!!!

  11. Happy to see you again. I was a tiny bit worried you had been shipwrecked.

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