Richard Tennant Cooper (1885 – 1957, English)

A Provocative Naked Young Woman Lying On A Bed, Death (A Cloaked Skeleton) Sits At Her Side, A Naked Man Walks Away From The Bed With His Head Bowed, Towards A Throng Of Diseased And Dying People

A Giant Claw Pierces The Breast Of A Sleeping Naked Woman, Another Naked Woman Swoops Down And Stabs The Claw With A Knife

An Unconscious Naked Man Lying On A Table Attacked By Little Demons With Surgical Instruments



2 responses to “Richard Tennant Cooper (1885 – 1957, English)

  1. Uma Maheswar Nakka


  2. Top three are “Syphilis”, “Breast Cancer”, “Chloroform”.

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