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William Russell Flint (1880 – 1969, English)

The Girl With The SickleThe Girl With The Sickle



Bathers On A Mediterranean BeachBathers On A Mediterranean Beach

Jannelle And The Volume Of TreasuresJannelle And The Volume Of Treasures

Gleaming Limbs And Cool WatersGleaming Limbs And Cool Waters

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

Rococo AphroditeRococo Aphrodite

The Idyl Of TheocritusThe Idyl Of Theocritus


Carlotta On The LoireCarlotta On The Loire




The Silver MirrorThe Silver Mirror

Disputation At The WellDisputation At The Well

The Four Sisters, ChazeletThe Four Sisters, Chazelet

The Unsuccessful ShrimperThe Unsuccessful Shrimper



The Old Mill StudioThe Old Mill Studio

Cecilia, Semi-Nude, In White DressCecilia, Semi-Nude, In White Dress

Julia Amid The SandsJulia Amid The Sands

Spring BoardSpring Board

Three GracesThree Graces

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William Russell Flint (1880 – 1969, English)

Giselle - A Normandy LandscapeGiselle – A Normandy Landscape

Hamadryad And The Woodsman.bmpHamadryad And The Woodsman

Pallas AthenePallas Athene

Le morte d'ArthurLe morte d’Arthur

The Idyls Of Bion & MoschusThe Idyls Of Bion & Moschus

The Painted BridgeThe Painted Bridge


A Model RestingA Model Resting


Abigail, A New ModelAbigail, A New Model

Models For Goddesses Models For Goddesses

Three ModelsThree Models


Reclining Nude 3b.bmpReclining Nude

Cecilia In JuneCecilia In June

Variations IIVariations II

Reclining NudeReclining Nude

902-001title unknown

Lavoir Labastide.bmpLavoir Labastide

The New Model Inspecting Drawings Of Her PredecessorThe New Model Inspecting Drawings Of Her Predecessor


Juanita The StrongJuanita The Strong

Rosa And MarissaRosa And Marissa

Sandy BastionSandy Bastion

Annabel At Parame.bmpAnnabel At Parame


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William Russell Flint (1880 – 1969, English)

Le mort d’Arthur

Models For Olympians

Apollo Finds Aphrodite With Aries In The Mansion Of Hephaestus

And She Too Is Sicilian, And On The Shores By Etna, She Was Wont To Play

Artemis And Chlone

title unknown

Female Nude Seated On A Blue Drape

Miriam, Chloe And Jane

The Young Model – Intriguing Thoughts


The Brocade Cushion

Aramintain Flight

Belinda’s Lagoon

Eve With Her Net – The Shrimper

Nude Reclining On A Hispano Moresque Rug

The Blue Ribbon


Two Models In A Studio

The Priviledged Three

title unknown

title unknown

Model For Elegance – Cecilia Contemplating Europa

The Secret Retreat

Reclining Nude

Ray As Mme du Barry

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